CHING YEE LIU (1897 - 1973)
"C.Y. Liu"

(Managing Director)
(CNAC May 1, 1947 - January 7, 1950)

August 21, 2012

I am Eugene (Tao Chung) Liu, the eldest son to the late Col. C.Y. Liu.

Now I wish to make the following comments: -

My father came to Australia with the family in early 1971. He and his family lived in Roseville, N.S.W. Australia. In January 1973, he accepted an Invitation from Premier Chu An Lai to visit Beijing, and I was to accompany him to BJ, then to Kaifeng to visit his relatives before coming back to Australia. Early in February '72, he contacted BJ and made the final arrangements for the proposed visit. Premier was very happy that CY Liu had decided to visit BJ, and he despatched an aircraft from BJ to Guangzhou to wait and bring CY Liu back to BJ for the meeting. Unfortunately, my father had a stroke in March and passed away in May 1973. The aircraft was recalled back to BJ. He was 73 years old.

Do you know that CAAC Beijing is hosting a U.S. Delegation of Ex CNAC (25 members in total) to visit BJ's new Civil Aviation Museum in September 2012? I have been asked to meet the delegation in BJ. I will be in BJ for a week from 10/09/2012. If you are going to BJ, I sure would like to meet you.

Best regards

Eugene Liu

NOTE: Our "little band of travelers" did fly to Bejing and we did meet Eugene and his two sons, Paul Liu and Bruce Liu. I think we all had a very nice time meeting old and new friends. Tom (Here is the beginning of that trip -with more to post.)

The following photos were provided by Howard Liu, one of CY Liu's sons.
Thank you Howard.

Photo of CYL in front of XT 610 Convair taken on arrival in Beijing on 9 November 1949.
(I think he looks very happy. Editor, Tom Moore)

Yours truly (Howard Liu) taken in front of the same Convair around 1997, taken at the Military Museum Beijing.
One engine missing, and later both gone missing.
It was Chairman Mao's calligraphy "Beijing" in Chinese script and this is shown on the the aircraft itself.

In 1994 on the 45 th anniversary of CAAC, me and my wife with the famous airman Capt Pan Guoding in front of the icon aircraft.
Pan departed soon after (1999), Amen.

These two pictures of Col CY Liu on parade reviewing Chinese Air pilots at Thunderbird Air Force Base, USA, taken in 1945.
CYL was Executive Officer of The Chinese Air Force in USA, and the US President's citation refers to it.

The below photos come from other resources.

In Commenoration of the Survey Flight From Shanghai to Batavia
August 21-28, 1947.
(Note: Batavia is now Jakarta, Indonesia)

August 1947 - Airport at Batavia
left to right
Unknown, Head of Civil Aviation of Batavia, unknown, unknown, Hugh Chen (Assistant Operations Manager CNAC), C.Y. Liu (Managing Director of CNAC), unknown, unknown and T.T. Chen
(Photo Courtesy of T. T. and Frieda Chen)

August 1947 - Batavia
This was the reception given by the Chinese Consul-General in Batavia for the survey flight.
from the bottom and around the table, left to right
Unknown, unknown, F.Y. Ho (Business Dept. CNAC)
unknown, Chinese Consul General Djakarta, (standing) Managing Director Knilm (Royal Dutch Indies Airline company) KLM, C.Y. Liu Managing Director CNAC, unknown, Harold Chinn (Captain of this Survey Flight)
Hugh Chen Assistant Operations Manager CNAC, T.T. Chen and top of head - unknown.
T.T. Chen was sent to Djakarta in advance of Survey Flight to arrange for receptions and accomodations.
Born in Indonesia T.T. spoke Dutch and Indonesian languages.
(Photo Courtesy of T. T. and Frieda Chen)

First Session of Interim Council (PICAO)
Montreal, 08/1945
A.C. McKim, Canada, P.T. Mow and Col. C.Y. Liu, China
(and the high resolution copy)
(Courtesy of ICAO)

Chicago, Illinois, 1 November to 7 December 1944

Seated (left to right): Alf Heum (Norway), Lt. Commander Paul A. Smith (United States), A.D. McLean (Canada),
M.P.L. Steenberghe (Netherlands), Dr. Edward Warner (United States), Guillermo Gonzalez (Mexico),
Wilhelm Munthe de Morgenstierne (Norway).

Standing (left to right): Alfred Hand, Assistant Secretary (United States), H.F. Peters (Canada),
Wing Commander J.M. Buckeridge (New Zealand), Captain E.C. Johnston (Australia), T.P. Wright (United States),
Col. C.Y. Liu (China), Alfred S. Koch, Secretary (United States).
(Courtesy of ICAO)

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