HOWARD BRUSH DEAN, JR. ( 1921-2001)
CNAC 1943 - 1946

In the 1943-45 log book of Don McBride, Donald listed his home address as:

Howard Dean, Jr.
Sag Harbor Long Island
New York
(1035 Park Ave. Apt 11B)

Howard was called "Babu" by the Indians. Some sort of term of respect. Howard was an Operations Clerk for CNAC.

From "Wings Over Asia" Volume IV

(Jimmie Scoff)

Huang, Dean and Nasholds
From "Wings Over Asia" Volume IV

Fuzzy Ball is driving the jeep.
And that's Fuzzy's Tiger on the hood.
From Jim Dalby
"The only person that I recognize in this picture is Howard Dean.
Crew cut and shirtless to the left."
(Photo courtesy of Jim Dalby)

Fuzzy is driving the jeep.
Can any body identify the man with his arm across the tiger's neck?
To left of jeep - Howard (Howie) Dean, Bob Blair and Jake Fasset.
(Thanks to Jim Dalby for identifying Howie and Bob.)
That's Jake Fassett on the left loading his camera.
(Photo courtesy of Jake Fassett)

Left to right seated
Howard Dean, Jack Blackmore, Charles Sharkey, Russ Coldren
L to R Standing
Jake Fassett, Ray Hauptman, others unknown
Squatter with back to camera is unknown
Blackmore, Sharkey & Coldren were killed
(Photo Courtesy of Jim Dalby)

July 9, 2002
Howard Brush Dean Jr. was born in New York on Feb. 18, 1921 and died in Southampton, N.Y. on Aug. 23, 2001. He came from old New York money, but appears to have had something of an adventurous streak in him -- he dropped out of Yale after two years, worked for Pan Am Airways-Africa from 1941-43, then CNAC from 1943-46. He then returned to the family fold, got married in 1947, and became a very successful stockbroker in New York, living on Park Avenue and with a summer home in East Hampton. He had four sons, one of whom, Charlie, inherited that adventurous streak -- he and a friend were trekking around the world when they were captured and killed by Laotian Communists in 1974. Another son, Howard Brush Dean III, has been governor of Vermont since 1991 and is now running for president.

January 2005
I received the following information from Al Mah

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