Martini's at Moon's
October 7, 2004

Moon Chin at home

Former CATC Captain John Lee, Shirley Mosley (daughter of Oscar Wilke) and Moon Chin

"The martini mixoligist", T.T. Chen

Dolly Wong (daughter of P.Y. Wong)

Chinese Dinner Hosted by Moon Chin
October 7, 2004

standing left to right
Ced Mah, CATC Capt. Deming L Chew (from Sacramento, CA), Moon Chin and CATC Captain John Lee
seated left to right
Catfish Raine, Dick Rossi and Al Mah

Dona Wong, T.T. Chen, Barry Shane and his wife, Mary Wong
(Dona and Mary are the identical twin daughters named after their parents, Mary and CNAC Captain Donald Wong)

Al Mah, Tom Moore, Patti Gully

S.K. Au and T.T. Chen

Shirley Mosley (daughter of Oscar Wilke) and Moon Chin

Y.H. Yu and Harold Chinn

Oliver Glenn and his wife Rosemary

Ilse Shilling (widow of CNAC Captain Erik Shilling), Grace and Gif Bull

Cynthia and Carey Bowles

Dick Rossi and Al Mah

Ced Mah

standing - Wong How Man and unknown
seated - Maxine and Arnold Schilperoot

The Beginning of The CNAC Co-Pilots
Tom Moore, Valerie Kendrick, Stephen Loane, Peggy Maher, Pam Biederstedt and Royal Leonard

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