This reunion was held at the Embassy Suites in Burlingame, California.
I gotta tell ya', everyone had a great time.
Hope that more of you attend the 2006 Reunion.

Dinner at Kincaids - October 5, 2005
around the table left to right
Christy Hanks, John Parish and Valerie Parish Kindrick (brother and daughter of CNAC Captain Len Parish),
Peggy Maher (daughter of Bill Maher), Tom Moore
(nephew of CNAC Captain Emil Scott), Evelyn and Peter Goutiere, and Bill Maher

Pete and Evelyn Goutiere

Around the Hotel

T.T. Chen, S.K. Au, Frieda Chen

Harold Chinn, Harold's son -- Craig Chinn, Y.H. Yu, and Lydia Rossi -- wife of Dick Rossi

Valerie Parish Kendrick, Peggy Maher and Patty Lee (niece to Moon Chin)

Hsiang-Lai Wen and Moon Chin

Craig Chinn and Dona Wong (daughter of CNAC Captain Donald Wong)

Bill and Camille Gilger

Christy Hanks and his good friend, John H. Anderson

Hsiang-Lai Wen and his wife, Grace

Margaret Mun Soong and her husband, Dr. Kenneth Soong

Very nice dinner at the Broadway Prime, Burlingame, CA - October 6, 2005
Renee Robertson, Tom Moore, Harold Chinn, Craig Chinn and Tom Watson

Harold Chinn, Hong Tan (owner of the Brodway Prime), Renee Robertson, Craig Chinn, Tom Watson and Tom Moore

Anson Lisk aka Handsome Anson and his son, John Lisk

Margaret Mun Soong, Bob Willett (cousin to CNAC Pilot James Browne) and Moon Chin

Shirley Wilke Mosley (daughter of Oscar Wilke) and Dolly Wong (daughter of P.Y. Wong)

Wong How Man (cers@biznetvigator.com), Moon Chin, Ko Fan aka "Vicky" (artwu@comcast.net), Ilse Shilling (widow of Erik Shilling), Pete Goutiere, Tom Moore, Frieda Chen, T.T. Chen and Peggy Maher

Wong How Man and Greg Crouch (gregorycrouch@sbcglobal.net - Greg is working on a book about CNAC)

Y.H. Yu and Margaret Mun Soon
More than 50 years had passed since Y.H. and Margaret had last seen each other
That was the late 1940's.

Y.H. Yu and Bill Maher

Y.H. Yu passed out Chinese wings for the men and pins for the women.

Tom Moore, Y.H. Yu and Nancy Allison Wright (daughter Ernest Allison)

Gene McHale and his wife Mitzi

On the way to the Hong Kong Flower Lounge

Bill Maher, Clayton Kuhles and Khaing "Khine" Tun)

Chinese dinner at the Hong Kong Flower Lounge

Our host, Moon Chin

Frances Lee Tong and Tom Moore

Elizabeth Chan (wife of Kenneth Chan), Larry Lui (nephew to Frances Tong) and Frances Tong

Patty Lee, Ko Fan aka "Vicky" (artwu@comcast.net) and Jenny Lie (pronounced "Lee", Moon Chin's house keeper)

standing left to right
Lily (Moon Chin's niece-in-law, Gilbert's wife), Li Wang, Gilbert and Sonya Wang (Li Wang's wife)
seated left to right
Patty Lee, Ko Fan aka "Vicky", Jenny Lie (Moon Chin's housekeeper), George, Laura and Donald Lee (Donald is the nephew of CNAC Captain Donald Wong)
(NOTE: Li Wang is writing the biography for Mr. Moon Chin. His wife, Sonya Wang, used to work for Fu-Shing Airline in Taiwan.)

Carolyn Martin (married to Barry Martin, biographer to CNAC Captain Royal Leonard), Royal Leonard (Captain Leonard's son) and Shirley Mosley

John Parish, Oliver Glenn, his wife Rosemary and Margaret Mun Soong

Teresa and C.K. Tseng, Greg Crouch and his girlfriend Evie Skoda

Pete Goutiere, Rob Reinhardt and Rob's daughter Kimberly
(Robe brought the C-46 to the 2002 Reunion)

Here's a special picture of Kimberly from her dad, Rob Reinhardt.

Kimberly recently (age 9) flying left seat for about 3 hours of a 6 hour flight.

Evelyn Goutiere, Peggy Maher and Kimberly Reinhardt

Khaing "Khine" Tun and Clayton Kuhles

Christy Hanks and Starr Thompson. Starr was a Captain with the Flying Tiger Line for 32 years.

Renee Robertson, Tom Watson, Bob and Donna Willett (Bob is cousin to CNAC Pilot James Browne)

Audrene and Bob Sherwood, Dick Rossi and Khine Tun

Audrene Sherwood and her nephew, Ted Elms

Stephen Loane (son of CNAC Captain Bus Loane)

Kathy Wong (daughter of CNAC Captain Donald Wong) and Elizabeth Chan

Renee Robertson and Frances Lee Tong

Dick Rossi and Harold Chinn

Anson Lisk and Bob Sherwood

Frieda Chen and her niece Dona Wong

Moon Chin

Click here to see a toast from our host, Moon Chin.
(This is a big file, so it may take some time to download.)

Harold Chinn, T.T. Chen, Nancy Allison Wright, Y.H. Yu, John Lee and Moon Chin

Hsiang-Lai Wen, T.T. Chen, Nancy Allison Wright, Y.H. Yu, John Lee and Moon Chin

Moon Chin and Dona Wong

T.T. Chen, Harold Chinn and Nancy Wright

Dinner at the Embassy Suites
Saturday, October 8, 2005

Valerie Kendrick and John Parish
Royal Leonard in the background

Bill Maher and Peggy Maher

left to right
Bill Maher, Pete Goutiere (standing), Moon Chin and Dick Rossi

left to right - seated
Dick Rossi, Moon Chin and Bill Maher
standing - left to right
Pete Gouitere, Harold Chinn, Fletcher Hanks, Oliver Glenn, Anson Lisk, Bob Sherwood and Bill Gilger

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